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About Birdsong Gathering

The main goal of Birdsong is to encourage families to relearn through nature and step away from the typical busy standard life so we can learn to appreciate life's beauty.  Birdsong family camp is designed to enrich the lives of people wanting learn primitive, ancestral, outdoors, and homesteading skills. Birdsong's main focus is youth, teens, and young adults especially homeschoolers and world schoolers. All classes and entertainment like music, storytelling, games, and classes aims at involving our next generation. Our goal is to bring the youth back into nature education while learning new skills. It will be a time to connect with your family, meet new friends and have an epic experience that you will never forget!

What will camp be like?

You will be surrounded with other like-minded families and the spirit of community while kids play tag into the dark, hear storytelling, music, and enjoy learning to live in a simpler relaxed setting while away from typical busy city life and learning new skills, and connecting to nature. Check out our instructor's page for a list of sample classes/activities offered.  You can experience skills such as Archery, Bow Making, Candle Making, Wood Carving, Musical Performances, Tin Stoves, Flint Knapping, Primitive Cooking, Muzzle Loader Classes, Candle Making, Storytelling, Drumming, Doll Making, Weaving and Fiber Arts, Naturalist led hikes, Cordage making, Knitting and much more. Other activities on site include hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Where is the gathering located?​

Located on a beautiful private ranch in the Mojave Desert, on the border of NV and CA (address will be provided to registered attendees). Rise and shine with roosters, animals, and a bright morning sky. This site is nestled in the beautiful desert. The site provides ample space for tent camping, buses, trailers, RV’s, and amenities include standard flushing restrooms, hot showers, community meals in a beautiful antique barn cafeteria, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, native wildlife, and a star-filled night sky.

What to bring?

Everything you would bring on a typical camping trip such as:

*Bowl, plate, cup, utensils, camp stove, flashlight 

*Lunch and Snacks for the week. (Breakfast & Dinner will be provided)

*Personal camping gear (for tent or car camping)

*Clothing- prepare for sunny & cool weather, sun hat/beanie

*Table, canopy, camp chair or blanket to sit 

*Musical instrument if you have one

*Homemade crafts to trade/sell during Barter Fair and Trade Blanket 

*Personal items (First aid, sunscreen, etc.)


*Cash for extra materials fees for classes

Potable water, restroom facilities will be provided. While the property is quiet and peaceful enough to feel you are in the middle of nowhere- shops are a quick 30-minute drive away.​​

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